Urology Associates of Fredericksburg

Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic

Have you been treated for Prostate Cancer in the past and now it has returned? Have initial forms of treatment not worked for you and your PSA numbers keep increasing? Was your diagnosis happened late in the game? 
Urology Associates of Fredericksburg provides uninterrupted, high-quality treatment and care through our Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic. Because we specialize in prostate cancer, Urology Associates of Fredericksburg has experience with many  patients, and allows us to customize recommendations and deepen the level of personal attention through the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic.
Treatment in our Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic starts with your Physician doing a full review of your medical history – and specifically on your prostate health.  A series of scans will be conducted to get a full view of how the disease is progressing. 
From there, you and your physician decide the best course of action, which may include immunotherapy or chemotherapy. We also use a variety of new drug therapies including Provenge, Xtandi, Zytiga, Xofigo and Erleada. 
While complete eradication of the disease is not always possible, our desire through the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic, is to put your cancer into remission, or at least slow it down with minimal side effects.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic Providers

Dr Gregory Szlyk, MD FACS
Dr. Szlyk - Clinic Oversight
Dr. Frank C Hill, MD
Dr. Hill - Clinic Oversight
Dr. Hoffman - Clinic Oversight
Robyn Schwenk, RN BSN - Nurse Navigator