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Urology Associates of Fredericksburg has
served the urologic patient in Fredericksburg and surrounding communities since 1975.

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DaVinci Robotic Surgery

Boasting a High Definition Imaging System, the da Vinci S system provides the surgeon with unparalleled 3-D visualization of the surgical field. The surgeon operates the robot from a bedside console and a powerful computer translates the surgeons hand gestures into delicate movements of the robotic arms.

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Cancer Services

Our board certifed urologists are highly skilled in the treatment of urologic cancers. Urology Associates team of physicians specializes in treatment of kidney, bladder, prostate, testicular, and penile cancers. Through extensive training and experience we offer patients the latest and most technologically advanced methods of treatment.

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Women's Urologic Services

Millions of women suffer in silence with debilitating urologic diseases and conditions, both malignant and benign, including kidney cancer, bladder cancer, chronic pain, interstitial cystitis, and various forms of incontinence.

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Male Infertility

It is estimated that 15% of couples will have difficulty establishing a pregnancy. In those couples, a male factor contributes in 40-50%. It is important that men are evaluated in these situations. In some cases, we can find a male factor that can be treated to improve a couple’s chances of getting pregnant.

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Patient Portal

Urology Associates is a nine provider group specializing in urologic surgery located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Meet Our Providers

Our surgeons are Board Certified and proficient in all areas of urology including Da Vinci Robotic Surgery, pediatric urology, urologic oncology, laparoscopy, kidney stones, urinary incontinence, prostate disease, female urology, as well as impotence.

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