Urology Associates of Fredericksburg

Male Infertility

It is estimated that 15% of couples will have difficulty establishing a pregnancy. In those couples, a male factor contributes in 40-50%. It is important that men are evaluated in these situations. In some cases, we can find a male factor that can be treated to improve a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. Examples would include: varicoceles, hormone abnormalities and various forms of obstructions (blockages). In general, the initial evaluation includes a medical history, physical examination and a review of a semen analysis. Other testing may be necessary in select situations. This might include blood tests or ultrasound evaluation, if needed.   For most men this only involves 1 – 2 visits and is not painful.   We also have a wealth of experience with microsurgical vasectomy reversals. If you are having difficulty establishing a pregnancy, or are concerned about this issue, we are happy to see you and offer a concise, conscientious and cost effective evaluation. We have good working relationships with local gynecologists and other local/regional fertility specialists. Let us know how we can be of help.